Overview & Philosophy

Hoosier Lacrosse, an elite organization run by lacrosse professionals, is the premier player development group in the great state of Indiana. Founded in 2008, we have set ourselves apart by maintaining a blue collar, level headed approach to the training and development of lacrosse players.  Hoosier Lacrosse is built on a foundation of integrity and a philosophy that coaching and improvement should not stop.

Hoosier Select is an elite travel team for players that are serious about lacrosse and want to take their game to the next level.  You will learn and develop skills, strategies and techniques that are used by the top programs in the country.  The core of our program is based on intense stick skills and position work as well as plenty of scrimmaging.  Through our teachings every player learns the “lacrosse system” of being an effective player and not being just another guy.  Every player that makes the team will top level coaching and participate against the best talent in the region.   This opportunity will give Indiana lacrosse players exposure to a high level of competition and coaching.

Hoosier Select Philosophy
At Hoosier Lacrosse, we have in mind the best interests of our athletes while maintaining a commitment to fielding strong teams. We work the mind and the body with a dynamic style that is both realistic and challenging, giving close attention to the proper techniques and mechanics that are essential for success. Our programs of individual skill instruction, game situation drills, and scrimmaging will benefit everyone, from new players to those who want to play at the highest level, both on and off the field.

We believe lacrosse is a lifestyle but also know at the end of the day it must be fun, and Hoosier Lacrosse will offer the tools young lacrosse players need to take their game to the next level.   Where we go one, we go all!

Hoosier Select Curriculum
The Hoosier Select Lacrosse Curriculum is the organizational structure guiding our teams. The Curriculum maps out all practice plans, pre-game routines, and in-game strategies to ensure that each team receives the same excellent level of preparation.  Hoosier Lacrosse emphasizes aggressive and unselfish play on offense, a cohesive defense based on communication and slides, and a team-first attitude with clearly defined roles.

We develop and coach our players in a proven system with results to back it up.  Hoosier Select is designed to allow players to get maximum development and enjoyment without requiring the resources and travel commitments that other travel teams require.

Why choose Hoosier Lacrosse?  As with anything in life, to be effective you need education, practical experience, and a great mentor to make it to the next level. We select the best coaches who have high standards of integrity and professionalism because we understand that it takes more than playing accolades and a passion for lacrosse to make a great coach. Great coaches must have the ability to teach. Our staff members are not only experienced lacrosse coaches, several are teachers by profession! They rank among the best and most experienced in the midwest.

Their knowledge is passed along through our coaches to our participants so that we can develop every player to his maximum potential. Our pedigree is in our results; we produce big time players!  To date our staff has developed five professional MLL and NLL players.

Instructional Structure
Our Team instructional program is broken down into three components: Training Camp, Practices, and Tournament Play. Each has a specific goal and all are critical for individual and Team development. Consistent attendance will lead to better players and cohesive on-field execution.

Training Camp is at the beginning of the Summer season and focuses entirely on Curriculum implementation so teams are competitive in Tournament Play.  Practices are used as preparation for an upcoming Tournament and opportunities to make adjustments from past Tournament Play.

Training Camp and Practice Attendance is crucial to the team’s success. Players are expected to be at practice unless they have an “Excused” absence: another Lacrosse commitment or a Family Emergency. Our Attendance Policy will be outlined in the Team Invitation but missing these events can result in decreased playing time at the next Tournament. Training Session attendance will not be included in this Policy since they focus on the individual player and occur in the off-season.

Playing Time
Our Teams play to win, but not at the expense of the development of each team member.   Our objective is to put every player in a position to be successful and help the team to win.  Every player will be given an opportunity to play.  In addition to giving every team member opportunities for success, we will also be competing to win. This philosophy means that in special situations, such as Man-up and under two minutes left in the game, our coaches will insert the players that they feel give our team the best chance to win.  Players may be asked to fill certain roles. In some cases, this will be a leadership position. In others, it will be more of a specialty role, such as wing play or defensive midfield. We expect our players to enthusiastically accept the roles our coaches communicate for them to fill.

Hoosier Select is designed to allow players to get maximum development and enjoyment without requiring the resources and travel commitments that other travel teams require.  Our Teams cater to the entire family, not just the individual player. At every tournament we have a section where players, parents, siblings, and friends mingle between games in a family-friendly environment. This social component allows players and families to build lasting friendships.