Impact Training

Welcome to IMPACT Training…for those that want more reps, cardio, physical play, improved skills and fast paced action!

The Hoosier Lacrosse Academy has a fantastic opportunity for any player that wants to keep a stick in their hands and work on fundamentals.
With our IMPACT Training, every participant is guaranteed to see a lot of action, receive top notch instruction, increase their IQ and get a lot of touches!  Our scrimmages offer a small-sided playing environment that allows players to get tons of repetitions on both sides of the ball with no standing around.

Small ball, as others call it, is becoming an essential way of training by programs around the world.  We certainly did not invent this format but we are proud to say we have been doing this long before it became the norm.

Our small ball programs are meant for maximum development, action and fun!  Nationally, we have been at the forefront of using small ball as an effective training tool and were the first in Indiana to do so going back to 2008.  Today Small Ball is the preferred training method for youth and college teams across the country and has also been adopted by US lacrosse.

Our instruction includes but is not limited to the rules of the game, IQ, defense, stick-work, 2-man game, 3-man game, faking & finishing, dodging, screens, and off-ball motion.

Locations Format & Rules
Evansville – Metro Sports Center
5820 Metro Centre Drive, Evansville, IN 47715
  • TBA


Westfield – The Jungle
16707 Southpark Dr, Westfield, IN 46074
  • TBA



  • 2 v 2 or 3 v 3 + goalies
  • Helmet, gloves, arm guards and sticks are required and full box gear is encouraged.
  • Footwear: Please wear basketball shoes, no cleats!
  • Small Field with goals that are 3′ x 3′
  • Ball is a soft rubber
  • Simple set of rules for safety and fun


  • Body and cross checking are legal.  However, no takeout checks are allowed.
  • No Man-Ball on ground balls, all players involved must go for the ball.
  • Crank shots are not allowed. Fakes and placement is what this is all about.
  • On defense one player must always get in the goal and it is recommended that players alternate each time.
  • When putting a ball in bounds we will follow the basketball format.
  • Goalies my not drop to their knees.
  • Players must attempt to cross mid-court on while on defense and not “cherry pick”.
  • After a goal is scored, the ball is put into play after a 4 count or when the scoring team crosses midcourt and the goalie is in place.