Circle City Box Tourney Format & Rules

Updated 07/03/2016 3:27:14 PM


  • Field is a full sized NHL rink (200′ x 85′) and is on polished concrete.  Each bench has 2 doors.
  • Based on 5-6 teams Games will be two 15 minute half’s with running time.  3 minute half time.  Stop time the last 2 minutes if the score is within 3 goals.  A time out stops the clock.
  • Face off only to begin each game and the second half.
  • Quick whistles so be ready.


  • Minor Penalties – 1 min
  • Major Penalties (intent to injure) – Game and possible tournament disqualification.  Any player that receives 2 Major penalties will be removed from the tournament.
  • No takeout checks – May result in game and tournament disqualification.
  • 30 second shot clock. Starts on a change of possession.
  • Full box pads are highly recommended!
  • If the ball hits the netting or roof off a deflected shot or deflected pass it will stay with the offensive team.  Ball will be put into play goal line extended near the boards or near midfield if it goes out of bounds in that direction.  Example A :  Offensive team shoots and his stick his checked but the ball is not deflected and the shot hits the netting or roof it is a change of possession. Example B:  Offensive team shoots and the shot hits a defensive player or the goal and hits the netting or roof the ball will stay with the offensive team.
  • After a goal the scoring team must not contest the clear until the ball goes over midfield.
  • If a penalty shot is awarded the play will restart, after the shot, with the goalie and a 3 second delay.
  • An Ice pick check is illegal.
  • Playing with a broken stick is illegal.  If your stick breaks you must drop it immediately but can continue to play.
  • No over and back unless it is a shot on goal that rebounds over the midfield.  Referee will blow the ball dead at his discretion.  Once blown dead the ball will be put into play within 5 yards of the midfield line.
  • If a team has 3 or more infractions (during the same time frame) by 3 different players then offending team will be awarded a penalty shot. Example:  2 players are in the sin bin and a 3rd commits a foul, this will result in a penalty shot.  If a goal is scored then all penalties are released.
  • You cannot pass or redirect the ball to a goalie while he is in the crease.


  • High School – Sticks – No woddies or walls must be a field goalie stick.  Gear – Full box gear is required.  We have loaner gear if needed.
  • Adults – Sticks – Woddies and walls are allowed. Gear – Cat 3


  •  Games that are tied at the end of regulation will play 3 minute 3 v 3 overtimes until a winner is determined.

Tie breakers

  • Head to Head
  • Goals For
  • Goals Against