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Eric J Wasson
Eric J Wasson
Growing the sport the right way...

As an adult, new to the sport, I felt like an outsider trying to break into the cool club as I started looking for a program in the Westfield/Carmel area. As I kept searching for a place to learn and play this amazing sport, I was told of Hoosier Lacrosse Academy, and sent an exploratory email to see if they had what I was looking for as a way to get started. My email was not replied to...I WAS CALLED! I was amazed that Ken took the time to call and discuss his program and options that would be available to me. This will be my first box season and I am excited to get it going! I am very thankful I was able to find Ken and his group. They truly want to grow the sport...and are doing it the right way. Keep it rolling HLA!

Chris Econs

My son learned a lot and had fun at the NEXT Level Camps. Great camp!

Elizabeth Reasoner
Elizabeth Reasoner

When I first started playing lacrosse my sophomore year of high school, I never would have imagined that I would be able to play in college. Hoosier Lacrosse Academy has helped me improve everything about the way I play lacrosse, from footwork, to communication, and just being more confident in goal. I have played in both their box and field leagues as a goalie and I can feel how much I improve every week. I can honestly say that without Hoosier Lacrosse Academy, I wouldn't be able to say that I will be playing DIII lacrosse next year at Monmouth College.

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Cathedral Parent
Hoosier Select is truly Elite!

The training that I have seen, as a parent, at your practices has been phenomenal! Our son has received top-notch coaching from your staff. He has improved as a player and has even developed a desire to play more LSM (in addition to the defense that he has always played) because of the coaches encouragement of him to do so this past summer. I hope that you continue to do a lot of position-specific training in practices where the players are broken out by position to work on techniques. It shows when they play in their games. Our son truly had FUN this past summer with the guys on his team and with the coaches. Thanks for all you do for the players!