Terry Roberts

As the oldest, fattest, slowest, and least athletic participant in the Academy's programs, I can personally attest to the strength and effectiveness of Ken's system. I leave every session feeling stronger than when I started and my progress (as late as it is) as a lacrosse player is wholly attributable to Ken and the Academy's coaches. On a more realistic note, as a former coach and administrator of Noblesville Youth Lacrosse (NYLAX), I can also attest to the rapid improvement and solid fundamental base that NYLAX players gain after participating in Ken's programs. I've seen as much as a 100% improvement in the stick skills and overall athletic ability gained by individuals after as little as a single session of box lacrosse or a "next level" camp hosted by the Academy. "Lax IQ" is the fundamental, core concept taught by Ken and it is an underlying priority with every kid, every team, and every season. As a Dad with 2 kids in Ken's Hoosier Select program (in addition to numerous summer and box programs), I can say with confidence that my boys wouldn't be the players that they are if it weren't for the Academy. If you are serious about lacrosse and want the best instruction (not necessarily the easiest or the "winningest", because winning is easy if you only play certain players rather than focusing on the development of the entire team), Ken and the Academy are the ONLY choice in Indiana! Terry Roberts Former President, Director of Finance, and 34 and 56 boy's Coach, Noblesville Youth Lacrosse