Must read articles for parents and players

By Chazz Woodson – March 25, 2014

Bullet Point: “If you are looking for a good time, tournaments and games are awesome. They really are. But if you are looking to elevate your game, it’s a focus on, and dedication to, skill work that is really going to help you reach your goals. So rather than spending thousands of dollars on club teams whose focus is tournament play and putting you in front of college coaches, FIND A QUALITY INSTRUCTIONAL CAMP!

I know, they are sort of a dying breed, unfortunately, but those camps are where real development often happens. Even Michael Jordan, the best basketball player to ever walk the planet noted, “You can practice shooting eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.” ”

Beware the Recruiting Racket (And Those Who Profit From It)
By US Lacrosse – March 5, 2014

Bullet Point: “Look out for manipulative practices,” Trevor Tierney said. “If a club team is hiring a high school coach and the high school coach is saying, ‘If you want to play for this high school, you have to play for this club team’ — if there’s a form of coercion — that’s when there are red flags.”

Boyle Point: The Flawed Logic in Lacrosse Specialization
By Ryan Boyle – February 27, 2014

Bullet Point: “Here’s the rub: While college coaches prefer multi-sport athletes and want to see lacrosse players out on the soccer field, they still expect them to compete in offseason recruiting events. To avoid these conflicts, some choose to play lacrosse year-round. That’s shortsighted.”

Long-Term Athlete Development and the ABC’s of Training
By US Lacrosse – February 19, 2014

Bullet Point: “Research by numerous national governing bodies, the United States Olympic Committee, and many others in sport has proven that early specialization in sport actually prevents an athlete from reaching their full potential. ”

By Trevor Tierney – January, 2014

Bullet Point: “There is a constant search amongst parents and players to be on the “best team” that wins the most games and tournaments. It is no longer enough for our children to play on a local youth or high school team and enjoy the experience of playing sports. Furthermore, it is no longer even enough for our children to play on a good club travel team that plays well together, is competitive with other great teams from around the country and has top-notch coaching. Rather, there is a “grass is greener” mentality amongst parents and young athletes who are on the constant lookout for the absolute greatest team to be a part of. ”